The following list o下了f patents provides notice in accorda我腦nce with virtual patent marking 要也provisions of various jurisdi務老ctions, including the provision醫務s of 35 United States Code §287(章家a). The following list音理 is updated periodi火東cally, but may not be all inclusive 相關on the date thi樂這s page is being vi窗道ewed. Other products海店 provided by Zebra not li分化sted here may be pro木讀tected by one or more patent美業s. Products listed below m費歌ay be protected b票花y patents other than those listed. Pa章女tent application著妹s involving one or more products 愛紙listed here or other products of會亮fered by Zebra ma能他y be pending in various jurisdic拍少tions.

Laser Wristband Paten微兵ts
Laser BandTM 1 wristband forms (zoned)7,763,344; 8,844,972
LaserBand2TM wristband forms7,017,293; 7,017,2書現94; 7,222,448; 7,325,347; 7,461,473;器信 7,779,570, 8,006,422
LaserBand2TM wristband forms (zoned)7,017,293; 7,222,448; 7,325,347那分; 7,461,473; 7,763,34拍照4; 7,779,570; 8,844,972
LaserBand2TM Dura wristband formsD640,738; 7,017,293; 7,779,569; 行拍8,776,417
LaserBand2TM Advanced wristband form人師s7,779,569; 8,011,125 
LaserBand2TM Advanced wristband forms (zoned)7,763,344; 7,779,569; 8,0喝文11,125; 8,844,972
ComfyCuff w/ LaserBan外計d2TM Advanced Comfycuff tag wri她離stband7,779,569; 7,918,045; 8,00校又6,422; 8,011,125